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Numéros Privés


Las Vegas




Inside the Wynn Las Vegas, a dozen different environments told the story of Chanel. From Room 31—a replica of Coco’s famous apartment at 31 Rue Cambon—to Room 2.55—an homage to the creation and construction of Chanel’s iconic quilted bag—each chapter was designed to illuminate the quality, culture, and heritage of one of fashion’s most illustrious brands.

Interactive multimedia installations permeated each space, from Room 5—a tribute to the signature fragrance—to Room J12—a horological experiment into the nature of time. And in Room 0, where Karl Lagerfeld's sketches came to life, reproduced in large-scale on floating translucent structures. 

The Numéros Privés exhibition was open for eight days, and attended by VIP guests from across the globe.


Numéros Privés was produced in partnership with Prodject.