A Legend Grows New Wings






After years of planning and nearly 15 months of construction, an exact (and operable) replica of the first all-metal passenger aircraft—the Junkers F13—took center stage at the world's largest air show. The F13 is credited with the original inspiration for the iconic design of Rimowa: the luggage with the grooves. 

With press flown in from all over the world, the reveal of the brand-new F13 came amid a gala celebration housed inside an aircraft hangar, elegantly transformed into the height of 1920s luxury. International supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl led a choreographed fashion show, complete with a performance by Norah Jones. 

Following the celebration, the F13 was moved to the fairgrounds for public display.




Launch Film

Projected onto a nearly 100-ft wraparound screen, the launch film—created by our friends at The Mill+ and PUK—ushered in the dramatic unveiling of the much-anticipated reborn F13.